Hollyoaks to explore gender identity in new storyline

Hollyoaks will investigate orientation character in another storyline for Rose Lomax, it has been affirmed.

their sister Dee Hutchinson runs over an ID in rookie Kitty Draper's pack

Dee goes up against Kitty about the ID

Rose later inquiries Kitty about her experience of progressing

driving Kitty to make sense of that her dad left her when she was 14 because of her choice to change.

Kitty later snickers with Playmate Ramsey about the affection takes note of that they got

Dee later consents to trim Rose's hair, leaving the pair's folks stunned when they see Rose's new look.

Kitty later offers guidance to Diane and Tony,

Star Alex Fletcher, who plays Diane, only told Computerized Spy before the end of last year that there was a "gigantic story

"This story will be a gradual process, and like I said, I think individuals will truly put resources into Rose's personality," she said.