Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are reviving their relationship,

Sources acquainted with the circumstance let us know the previous lovebirds have been hanging out recently

she was dating Terrible Rabbit at that point ... also, they were very troublesome.

At any rate, our lying eyes weren't misdirecting us - - things being what they are, ... we're being informed they are, as a matter of fact,

Observers let us know they've even seen Kendall spring up in Dallas this week

while Devin was visiting the area for the Mavs/Suns game Thursday - - no doubt about it she's in any event, making a trip to be with him of late.

Intriguing that they're circumnavigating reuniting ... they initially separated toward the finish of 2022,

it was clearly all over how occupied they were and having opportunity and energy in their timetables to move it along as a team.

Taking into account they're both comparably well known (while possibly not all the more so) from that point forward, that reasoning sounds like BS

Devin is as yet an expert ball player, she's as yet a very fruitful model.