MAFS special teaser sees Thomas and Rozz in heated argument 

Rozz recently finished things with Thomas as she was unable to see a future with him.

It's been a very long time since the Wedded From the beginning UK 2023 cast went with their choices

 whether to remain wedded or head out in a different direction

On Monday 26th February, the Wedded From the start UK: Get-together Extraordinary will air,

Furthermore, can uncover a selective first glance at the evening gathering

As the cast individuals, including Adrienne, Ella, Erica, Georges, Jay, Jordan, Laura, Matt, Paul, Peggy, Rozz, Shona, Tasha and Thomas,

Rozz then, at that point, proceeds to make sense of that he hasn't been addressing her either, and when

I thought you wanted reality, so perhaps that is the reason you haven't come over. I thought you were managing what is happening," she says.

Rozz lets Thomas know that it's not uneven and they've both not been trying with each other

making him get irritated as he says: "It's simply me!"