Not only science: Nasa just launched a piece of Mount Everest to the Moon

The Peregrine lander is set to deliver approximately 20 payloads, with a total mass capacity of 90 kg, to the lunar surface.

The mission has additionally stood out for conveying eccentric things

The Peregrine lander is focusing on an arrival on February 23 at Sinus Viscositatis, an area of interest because of its likely proof of water.

In the event that all goes to design, Peregrine will land on a mid-scope locale of the Moon called Sinus Viscositatis, or Cove of Tenacity, on February 23.

Peregrine lander is set to convey roughly 20 payloads

Among these payloads are five Nasa instruments

These instruments will contribute important information to NASA's Lunar Vulkan Imaging and Spectroscopy Voyager instrument suite, scheduled for a 2026 arriving at the Gruithuisen Vaults.

the mission continues under the reason of progressing logical information and planning for human re-visitation of the lunar surface.