SAG honoree Barbra Streisand on acting, Oscar scorns and singing with Bounce Dylan

Barbra Streisand's 970-page journal, "I go by Barbra," required her 10 years to finish.

Thorough, however never debilitating, digressive, sure, yet ordinarily to fine impact, close and genuine

Barbra — I feel like we're good friends now that we've hung out

Streisand will get a lifetime honor Saturday at the Screen Entertainers Organization Grants,

one more prize for a the lady EGOT club quite a while in the past.

Barbra. It's Glenn. I paid attention to your diary for over 48 hours, so I realize that you value coming to the heart of the matter.

Most importantly, I might want to say thank you Glenn for paying attention to every one of the 48 hours of my book recording!

Indeed, I'm going to this grant show since they let me know ahead of time that I got the honor! No injury or show.

What's more, I'm extremely pleased to be an individual from Droop starting around 1961.

I additionally like the way that Fran Drescher thus numerous entertainers walked and endeavored to get what they lobbied for.