Unknown For 13 Years, Song Ha-yoon Finally Proved Herself

Song Ha-yoon flaunts energetic magnificence with white skin, little face, and unmistakable facial highlights

she was brought into the world in 1986 and has been an entertainer for a long time.

Soo-min behaves like Ji-made's closest companion from early on, however attempts to annihilate Kang's life despite her good faith.

Song Ha-Yoon made a three-layered character by distinctively cutting different viewpoints in her going about as a lowlife.

Her acting abilities, who she has developed for a very long time, have sparkled.

Song Ha-yoon appeared in 2003 in the show "Sang Do! How about we Go to Class,"

After the MBC show "My Little girl Geum Sa-wol" finished in 2016,

song said in a meeting with Xsports News, "I have had 13 years of downturns. I appeared when I was in eleventh grade.