Gem hospital Chennai Review, Full Details & Best Features [2024]

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Gem hospital chennai review, Full Details and Best Features [2024]

Gem Hospital Chennai Reviews

Gem Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features
Gem Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features

Gem Hospital, one of the best pancreatic cancer treatment hospitals in Chennai, provides so many features to cancer patients and provides comprehensive treatments for pancreatic cancer. Highly qualified doctors and team management are always ready to serve all their patients and take care of their requirements and needs.

Gem Hospital provides a range of medical services, including advanced medical services, cutting-edge facilities, and patient-centric care. They have world-class, educated doctors and more than 25+ years of experience in the field of cancer treatment.

Who owned Gem Hospital?

  • Establishment: By Dr. C. Palanivelu.
  • Director: Dr. Praveen Raj, serving as the Manager and Director of Gem Hospital
  • Manager: Muhammad Rishal N. M. is serving as the general manager.
  • Famous doctors: Dr. C. Palanivelu is the most reputed doctor in Gem Hospital and is in a very good position.
  • Famous Surgeon: Dr. Keerthiraj. The best senior surgeon. I am experienced in both laparoscopic and general surgery.

Gem Hospital is famous for being the best Indian pancreatic cancer treatment hospital and for providing healthcare support for Cancer Related Problems.

It was established in 1991 to provide the best gastroenterology, laparoscopy, and robotic surgery and is also famous for the best pancreatic cancer treatment. Dr. C. Palanivelu established the first pancreatic cancer treatment in Bangalore.

Gem Hospital Chennai Reviews and Specialties

  1. Number of beds available: 200+ total beds, with 80+ pancreatic cancer treatment beds with advanced treatment.
  2. Number of Doctors Available: 20+ highly qualified and experienced doctors.
  3. Number of emergency vehicles available: 10+ medical emergency vehicles with advanced primary treatments.
  4. Number of Treatments Already Done: The exact number is not available yet (around 100,000+).
  5. Success Rate: As per a medical report, the success rate ranges from 90% to 92%. (The latest report has not been updated yet.)
  6. Number of OPDs: 50+ fully networked and highly modular operation theaters available for birth.
Gem Hospital Features an Honest Review
Gem Hospital Features an Honest Review

Gem Hospital Features an Honest Review

Emergency Services: Provide quick and advanced medical treatment, with a Patient caring approach.

Outpatient Services: There is no requirement to stay overnight for medical care, Patients get fully advanced treatment without delay.

Specialties Department: They are ready to provide lots of medical services and with the help of different departments, they can avail of different facilities to provide the best care like cardiology, neurology, oncology, etc.

Surgical Services: Gem Hospital provides high-rated and fully technology-equipped medical OPDs for surgical procedures; they support new modern methods to enhance their medical features and treatments.

Intensive Care Units (ICU): full of the latest technology, advanced medical rooms support advanced health emergency cases and critical care units for patients who are in severe medical conditions.

Pharmacy: Avail the option of dispensing medication and pharmaceutical consultations, not need to go anywhere for medication and consulting.

Psychiatric Services: Any patient who suffers from any mental health condition, can get relief from Psychiatric Services, which include therapy, counseling, inpatient psychiatric care, and more.

Patient Education Support: Provide information related to the concern and be dedicated to supporting patients as well as their families.

Research and Education: Their high-class medical research center provides training for medical professionals as well as conducting medical treatments.

Medical Records Management: A new and advanced system of recording the data of a patient with extra security breaches, which helps to protect privacy data for any patient.

Telemedicine Facilities: You can easily avail medicine with the help of telecommunication technology.

Diagnostic Services: With the help of advanced equipment like Imagin (X-ray, MRI, CT scan), high-tech laboratories provide the facilities for accurate test results and offer a variety of medical options for medical diagnostic procedures.

Hospital is best known for providing the best medical services and specializing in the field of pancreatic cancer treatment and care.

It offers a wide range of medical facilities for any high-risk medical issue, like cancer, and other serious conditions, which include maternity, gynecology, psychiatric services, rehabilitation services, cardiology, neurology, and so much more. If you are searching for the best hospital for pancreatic cancer treatment, Gem Hospital is the best for you.

Gem Hospital in Emergency: In the case of emergencies, Gem Hospital is one of the best hospitals; they have more than 150+ beds and 70+ advanced treatment beds for caring for pancreatic cancer treatment. The number of emergency vehicles is also around 15, so you can choose Gem Hospital in case of an emergency if it’s located nearby.

Hospital Achievements: Gem Hospital is one of the best hospitals and gets numerous awards for its medical services and treatments in the fields of pancreatic cancer treatment, neurology, cardiology, and physical care. They have the best doctors for pancreatic cancer treatment treatments and are also certified for their best cancer treatment treatments.

Is Gem Hospital free?

Gem The hospital is a private hospital. It’s not free; the cost depends on what type of medical treatment a patient needs. They provide a wide range of medical facilities, and the price of every medical service is different, But a normal medical appointment costs around Rs 900 to Rs 1000 per meeting.

Gem Hospital Branches

  • Gem Hospital, located at Thiruvengadam Nagar, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pincode: 600096
  • The hospital is located at Baroda House in Madanpuri, Delhi.
  • Gem Hospital Delhi, Located Near Metro Station Noida Sector 8, Gurgaon, Haryana, Pincode: 110026

Gem Hospital location and how to reach

  • City: Chennai.
  • Main Road: Thiruvengadam Nagar
  • By Plain: Chennai International Airport, Book a Cab, On Drive
  • By Metro: Perungudi
  • By road: bus, with cab, with bike, and with car.

Gem Hospital Contact

  • For Appointments: Unknown, Not Applicable.
  • Emergency: 044,, 61666666; 24-Hour Helpline: Unknown
  • Complaints: 9500200600.
  • Home Delivery and Courier Service: Unknown, Not Applicable
  • Opening Time: 24 hours a day, no weekends or holidays.

The Best Health Care Centers in Chennai

  • Apollo Hosptial, Greams Lane, Chennai
  • Shuddhi Hoping Ayurvedic Center, Anglo Indian School, Choolai, Chennai
  • Dr. Nithesh Jain, Urologist, Choolai High School, Choolai, Chennai
  • MGM Cancer Institute, Rajaram Mehta Nagar, Aminjikarai, Chennai.
  • Apollo Hospitals, Greames Lanes, Greames Road, Chennai.
  • Cancer Care Hospital, Jothi Ramalingam, Salai Kilpauk.

The Gem Healthcare Hospital, also known as the Gem Healthcare Hospital, was established by Dr. C. Palanivelu. A maternity hospital is located in Chennai as well as in Gurugram, Delhi. Filled with a dedication to treating well and providing the best healthcare support to pancreatic cancer patients with advanced medical treatments.

GEM Hospital was inaugurated with the vision of providing the best healthcare support in the case of pancreatic cancer treatment and also providing a wide range of normal and serious medical issues. Gem Hospital also has an online website where they give all the information about the hospitals and all the doctors’ names and professions.

The website of Gem Hospital also allows anyone to book an appointment and directly contact the doctor. Gem Hospital is considered the best hospital for children and women.

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