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Jaishankar Prasad Biography

Introduction to Life Jaishankar Prasad Biography, the representative poet, dramatist, and storyteller, who ushered in a new era full of beauty, elegance, and melody, the subtle sense of gross and epigraphic poetry of the Dwivedi era, the best talented of modern Hindi literature, was born on January 30, 1889, in Kashi. K was born in a Vaishya family named “Sugni Sahu”.

Due to the death of his father and elder brother, the sequence of his education was broken, while handling the domestic business, he studied Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Persian, etc. languages ​​by self-study, in the meantime, due to the death of his wife, this further broke down the family members.

Despite facing the death and economic crisis, this writer was continuously engaged in the service of literature, his body was dilapidated due to suffering from asthma, due to which he died on January 14, 1937 AD.

Born:- 30 January 1889
Benares, Benares State, British India
Occupation:- Novelist, playwright, poet
Notable works:- Kāmāyanī (1936)
Parent:- Babu Devki Prasad (father)
Died:- 14th January in the year 1937.

Dramas & Other writings

  • Janmejay ka nag yajna, Dhruvasvamini, Rajyashri
  • Taskiyya
  • Parinaya
  • Skandagupta in the year 1928
  • Chandragupta 
  • Rajyashri
  • Samudragupta
  • Praayashchit
  • Kamna
  • Karunalaya
  • Ajaatshatru
  • Jaishankar Prasad Biography

Short Stories

  • Chota Jadugar
  • Aṃdhi
  • Puraskaar
  • Chaya
  • Akashdeep
  • Mamta
  • Bandi
  • Pratidhvani
  • Madhuva
  • Indrajal

Jaishankar Prasad Novels

  • Titli
  • Kankal
  • Iravati

Jaishankar Prasad Poems

  • Kanan kusum (means the Forest Flower)
  • Jharna (means the Waterfall)
  • Chitraadhar
  • Lahar
  • Prem pathik
  • Bharat Mahima
  • Kamayani in the year 1935
  • Ek ghunṭ (means a sip)
  • Ansu
  • Mahakavya
  • Kamana

Books of Jaishankar Prasad

  • Pratinidhi Kahaniyan
  • Prasad Ka Sampooran Kavya
  • Prasad Ke Sampurn Natak Avam Ekanki
  • Ajatshatru
  • Andhi
  • Ati Prachin Bharat
  • Indarjaal
  • Karuna Ki Vijay
  • Paap Ki Prajay
  • Jaishankar Prasad Biography Granthawali

Kamayani of Jaishankar Prasad

The Kamayani is a great and popular poem written by Jaishanker Prasad. Kamayani is one of his best poem collections, Kamayani is a Mahakabya that is still liked by poem lovers. This poem is written by him by mixing knowledge, need, and action which are the basic elements of human life.

The poem describes the history, cultural evolution, and legendary story of the great flood through the characters like Manu, Ida, and Shradha. When Kamayani was published in the year 1935, it received a lot of popularity and critical appreciation by the people.


  • 1889: Born on 30th January.
  • 1915: 1st significant drama written by him is known as ‘Rajyasri’.
  • 1928: Written by him known as ‘Skandagupta’.
  • 1935: The long poem written by him named ‘Kamayani’ was published.
  • 1937: Died on 14th January.
  • 1960: One of his written plays was staged at The National School of Drama.

All these are sparks of mine, of this fiery jealousy. There are some remaining signs only, of that great meeting of mine.

Prasad Ji is a singer-poet of beauty and love. There is a lack of conventional grossness and muscularity in his beauty-depicting. He is a worshiper of spiritual beauty. There is an expression of subtlety and tenderness in his love of beauty. They want to solve the riddle of life through their thinking. This is often the subject of his poetry. He is an optimistic poet, he considers the removal of sorrows and disappointments as the goal of his life.

Creations- Prasad Ji was a writer of all-round talent. No part of Hindi literature remained untouched by your literary services. You have enriched all the parts of literature like poetry, drama, story, novel, essay, etc. with your writing.

1. Poetry-Chitradhar, Kanan Kusum, Karunalaya, Importance of Maharana, Love- Pathik, Jharna, Lahar, Aansoo, and Kamayani are your poetic creations.

2. Plays – Sajjan, Kalyani, Parinaya, Rajyashri, Ajatshatru, Skandagupta, Dhruvaswamini, Visakha, Kamana, Janamejaya’s Nagayagya, and a sip.

3. Story – Akashdeep, Indrajal, Echo, Storm, Shadow.

4. Novels-Skeleton, Titli, Irawati (incomplete).
5. Essay-Poetry and Art etc.

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