Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India, How reduce & Methods [2024]

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Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India, How we can reduce Best Methods [2024]

Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India by Company

Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India by Company
Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India by Company

Are you excited to know how much you need to pay for your car to keep it protected on the roads? So here is the end of your curiosity. We are going to provide you with a brief description of the year-end cost, average cost, and insurance cost in India.

Are you planning to buy a car? While driving on the road, insurance is very important. It gives relief from any unconditional damages or accidents.

Insuring a car works as a safeguard for the car owner. It is legally necessary to cover your vehicle, and the cost varies from one person to another and also from one vehicle to another. Lots of factors are affecting car insurance costs during the year.

Factors Affecting Yearly Car Insurance Costs in India

Yearly car insurance costs in India are influenced by so many factors; understanding these variables will play a very crucial role in getting coverage at an affordable rate. Here we have listed some key factors that affect car insurance costs in a significant way.

Vehicle Type and Model: 

  • The model of a vehicle plays a very crucial role in determining a year’s car insurance costs. High-end cars and luxury cars have higher premiums because of their cost of ownership, expensive repair costs, and replacement costs.
  • Cars that are old and less powerful come under the low-premium section because of their lower replacement cost and lower price.

Age and gender of the driver:

  • When it comes to insurance costs, age and experience matter a lot. Drivers who are young and inexperienced are more prone to accidents, so they need to pay higher insurance premiums.
  • Also, gender is a factor. Males are more prone to accident rates than female drivers, and these cause slightly higher premiums for men than females.

Location and City-Specific Rates:

  • The location also plays a very crucial role. Areas with higher traffic and a higher population, like urban areas, are more prone to car damage or accidents. The rates of accidents are also high, so in that case, the cost of insurance premiums is much higher than in any rural area.
  • Likewise, some other factors also influence the rate of insurance premiums, like traffic congestion, theft rates, and weather conditions.

Claim history and driving record:

  • Your driving history also determines the rate of insurance premiums. If your driving records are cleared and there are no records of accidental cases, then you will pay low insurance premiums, and you need to pay higher premiums.

Optional Coverage and Deductibles:

  • How much you choose your coverage can determine your premium rates, which include third-party liability and damage coverage and are higher premiums than the third-party liability coverage alone.
  • What you deduct can influence your rate of premium; higher deductibles generally mean lower premium rates.

No-Claim Bonus (NCB):

NCB is offered by insurance premium companies while you don’t make any claims during the year, which automatically reduces premium rates. Every claim-free year will increase the percentage of rewards and also provide incentives to drive safety and maintain a claim record.

Vehicle Type


  • The most common vehicle types are sedans in India, and they have moderate insurance premiums.
  • This type of vehicle is safer than other vehicles as well as more stable. According to the safety and stability reasons, the cost of the premium is less than that of other vehicles.
  • Some more factors also influence the rate, like the model number of the sedan, how old it is,


One of the most comfortable and sturdy vehicles, it is good for every road condition, but due to its size and power risk factor, it will increase, which may result in more severe accidents and a higher cost of repair. This makes the insurance premium rate for this car higher.


Hatchbacks are the most common cars, known for their affordability and efficiency. These features make them less powerful and smaller, reduce the risk factor of accidents, and lower the cost of insurance premiums than other cars.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars have higher costs and expensive components, which leads to higher premium rates. The cost of premium also varies depending on the car model, year of the car, brand, and driver profile.

Fuel Type

Vehicle Cubic Capacity cc: Different CC engines cost according; less than 1000 cc engines have a lower rate than higher cc engines.

  • Fuel type: petrol (depends on the car’s cc)
  • Fuel type: diesel (depends on the car’s cc)
  • Fuel type: electric (depends on the car’s CC).
What is the Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India According to Nature
What is the Yearly Car Insurance Cost in India According to Nature?

What is the yearly car insurance cost in India?

Married Couples: In most cases, they enjoy lower insurance premiums, but sometimes they can bear high costs due to their experience and driving profile.

Teenage: Teenagers have less experience driving, so they need to pay a higher insurance premium.

22-Year-Old Male: Varies depending on their driving history; obviously,  they don’t need to pay a higher insurance premium.

Per Month: Average monthly insurance can range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on various factors.

Age: Younger drivers need to pay more than older and more experienced drivers.

State: In India, there are different states, and the yearly cost of car insurance varies from state to state, depending on population, traffic rules, etc.

New Drivers: New drivers have less experience than old drivers, so the risk of accidents will increase. In that case, they will need to pay higher insurance premiums.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: Commonly, this type of car insurance has a higher insurance cost than third-party liability coverage.

Temporary Car Insurance: If you are using a car for a few days, then its cost will range from $500 to $700, depending on how much time you use it.

Third-Party Car Insurance: This type of insurance costs less than others and is more affordable based on the location and model of the car.

Full Coverage Car Insurance Cost: Full coverage includes both third-party liability and own damage coverage, so it has a higher cost range.

How do I reduce the yearly car insurance cost in India?

Insured Declared Value: You can reduce the cost of insurance premiums by reducing your IDV. At the time of policy, a claim value is defined; more value means more premiums.

No Claim Bonus: When you don’t make any claims after the end of your insurance policy, you will get a discount, so you should avoid claims for minor changes.

Increase Voluntary Deductibles: More deductions can reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

Additionally, Securities Measures: If you add some more securities, like a parking sensor, an anti-theft apparatus can reduce the risk, resulting in a lower rate of premiums.

How do I use a car insurance calculator online?

  1. Step: Personal Information: You need to feed personal details like the owner’s name, number, and address.
  2. Step: Vehicle Registration: Now enter your vehicle registration number.
  3. Step: Make, Model, and Variant (MMV): Choose your model, year of purchase, and RTO.
  4. Step: Fuel Type: Enter your fuel type and run on petrol, diesel, or other.
  5. Step: Claims History: Check out your claim history if you already applied for insurance.
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