Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end, Biggest Update [2024] Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end, Biggest Update [2024]

Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end, Biggest Update [2024]

After the middle of the year 2024, Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end

As to the report, Big networking companies Airtel and Jio will withdraw thier unlimited 5g data plan in the middle of the year and Increase the rate of the 4g Tariff to regain thier growth.

Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end
Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end

A very Big update coming for all 5g users, our hugest Indian telecom Companies, Reliance Jio, and Bharti Airtel will likely close all plans of 5g Unlimited data for thier users in the second half of the current year and will charge you 5 or 10 percent above the current 4g Plans to increase their revenue, as reported in Economic Times.

The biggest Indian telecom company will try to end up their 5g unlimited data offer and their main focus will be to increase the revenue in telecom company over the few years they have given us lots of offers and they are trying to increase their engagement but now they are only focusing to their revenue growth and in the 3rd and mid-quarter of the year they will end up thier all current 5g unlimited plans and they will also increase the tariff of current 4g plans.

As from the data both telecom Companies Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel launched thier 5g services in India in October 2023, offering thier unlimited 5g services at existing 4g tariff plans. But now the era of 5g unlimited internet offers will reach its end and both companies have planned to withdraw thier 5g services all over India, and their main focus is to increase thier revenue growth.

In India, thier are more than 125 million 5g users and both companies are bringing up a 5g revolution, and the number of 5g users will increase day by day and from a report, more than 200 million users will be shifted to 5g networks at the end of 2024.

Latest news Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end (1)
Jio and Airtel 5g unlimited plan will end

What will happen after the 5g unlimited plan will end?

As per the report of ET, Airtel and Jio Inc. have the rate of thier current 5g plan by 5 to 10 percent and offering 30 to 40 percent more additional data to improve adoption and try to increase thier market share.

Thier is another thing added to the report, the new mobile tariff plan may increase by at least 20% in the 3rd quarter of the year, thier main focus is to improve RoCE ( Return on capital employed)

Et also said, if we look at the international Telecom union data, thier is still enough room for a telecom company to increase the price of telecom service tariff in India and still it will be the lowest in the world at 2 dollars per month.

jio, airtel, and Vi last increased thier tariff plans in the year 2021 by 19 to 25 percent.
The first step will be taken by Airtel and they will be the first to increase thier tariff, after Vodafone Idea and Jio will lead to an increase in the mobile sector revenue in 2024.

In India’s mobile sector revenue thier will be estimated to grow from 2,46,800 crore in the year 2024, to 2,77,300 crore and year 25 rs 2,77,300 crore and 3,07,800 crore respectively. Thier will be more updates after some time if you want to update more about these plans then you can check out here we will be updating more.


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