Cloudnine Hospital Chennai Reviews, Full Details and Features [2024]

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Cloudnine Hospital Chennai Reviews, Full Detains and Features [2024]

Cloudnine Hospital in Chennai stands as a symbol of excellence in healthcare, especially in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, and pediatrics.

If you are also searching for Cloudnine Hospital Chennai reviews, full details, and features, then your search is over because all the information related to Cloudnine Hospital will be shared here.

Cloudnine Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features

Cloudnine Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features
Cloudnine Hospital Chennai: Reviews, Details, and Features

Cloudnine Hospital, one of the best maternity hospitals in Chennai, provides so many features to newborn children and babies and provides comprehensive treatments to babies and mothers. The best and most highly educated team is always ready to serve their patients in an emergency.

Cloudline provides a range of medical services, including pregnancy care, postnatal care, and prenatal care, as well as an advanced guide to how to deal with new baby challenges.

Who owned Cloudnine Hospital? 

  • Establishment: By Dr. R. Kishore Kumar.
  • Director: Dr. Raviganesh Venkataraman, serving as the Executive Director of Cloudnine Hospital
  • Manager: Martina Jessy is serving as the HR manager.
  • Famous doctors: Dr. Joni Patricia James, Dr. Nazira Sadique, Dr. K. Uma, Dr. K. Jayashree, and so many other professional and highly educated doctors are available.
  • Famous Surgeon: Dr. Balamourougane. The best surgery expert.

Cloudnine Hospital is famous for being the best Indian maternal hospital and for providing healthcare support to women and children.

It was established in 2006 to provide the best maternal facilities to women and children. Dr. R. Kishore Kumar established the first Banglore maternal hospital with the vision of providing the best healthcare support for women and children.

Cloudnine Hospital Chennai: Reviews and Specialties 

Number of Beds Available: 150+ total beds are available, with 80+ maternity bed specialties. Both for women and children, beds are available.

Number of Doctors Available: 2000+ highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Number of emergency vehicles available: 10+ medical emergency vehicles with advanced primary treatments.

Number of Treatments Already Done: The exact number is not available yet (around 15,00,000+).

Success Rate: As per a medical report, the success rate ranges from 91% to 93%. (The latest report has not been updated yet.)

Number of OPDs: 80+ fully networked and highly modular operation theaters available for birth.

Cloudnine Hospital Features an Honest Review
Cloudnine Hospital Features an Honest Review

Cloudnine Hospital Features an Honest Review

Electronic Health Records (EHR): Advanced technology provides advanced management; cloud services use electronic health records to maintain patient information with more security and ease of access by authorities.

Diagnostic Imaging: It has advanced diagnostic imaging facilities, X-ray vision with advanced and high-quality imaging, modern MRI machines, CT scans, and ultrasound machines to give an accurate diagnosis report.

Laboratory Services: They have an on-site laboratory, which helps to conduct various kinds of tests and analyses that aid in treatment and diagnosis.

Specialized Departments: Cloudnine has a specialized department of cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, pediatrics, neurology, and others to provide the best health care to patients according to their needs.

Telemedicine Services: Their telemedicine services are very advanced and help in remote consultations and follow-ups. In times of pandemics, they provide the best healthcare facilities.

Surgical Facilities: They provide the best surgical facilities, are equipped with high-tech advanced surgery materials, and can perform any kind of minor to advanced medical surgery.

Emergency Department: A cloudline is available 24×7. Their emergency medical care is always ready in any case of emergency.

Quality and Safety Initiatives: Their priority is to provide a safe and clean environment to their customers. They have all kinds of things that ensure patient care meets high standards. You can book an appointment online and access their details.

Patient Education Support: Provide the best educational material and support services that help patients and their families understand the medical condition and its treatments.

Availability: Since Cloudnine Hospital is always available to treat their patients, they are very devoted to addressing their patients with full support and care. Their advanced medical treatment will provide the best medical treatment for women and children.

Cloudnine Hospital is best known for providing the best medical services and specializing in the field of maternity care.

It offers a wide range of medical facilities for a mother and her newborn baby, which include maternity, gynecology, pediatric care, fertility, NICU, stem cell banking, and so much more. If you are searching for the best hospital for delivery, Cloudnine Hospital is the best for you.

Cloudnine Hospital in Emergency: In the case of emergencies, Cloudnine Hospital is one of the best hospitals; they have more than 100+ child beds and 60+ advanced treatment beds. The number of emergency vehicles is also around 10, so you can choose Cloudnine Hospital in case of an emergency if it’s located nearby.

Cloudnine Hospital Achievements: Cloudnine Hospital is one of the best hospitals and gets numerous awards for its medical services and treatments in the field of pre-pregnancies and post-pregnancy care. They have the best doctors for pediatric treatments and are also certified for their best maternity treatments.

Is Cloudnine Hospital free?

Cloudnine Hospital is a private hospital. It’s not free; the cost of normal delivery is around 118675; and semi-private rooms with C-section delivery cost around 133744. But their features are quite good and worth the money.

Cloudnine Hospital Branches

Cloudnine Hospital, located at 54 Vijaya Raghav Road, near Hyatt Regency, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pincode: 600017

Cloudnine Hospital Delhi, Located Near Metro Station Punjabi Bagh, Pal Mohan Apartments, Near Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, Pincode: 110026

Cloudnine Hospital location and how to reach

  • City: Chennai.
  • Main Road: Vijaya Raghav Road
  • By Plain: Chennai International Airport, Book a Cab, On Drive
  • By Metro: T. Nagar
  • By road: bus, with cab, with bike, and with car.

Cloudnine Hospital Contact

  • For Appointments: Unknown, Not Applicable.
  • Emergency: +91, 09972899728; 24-Hour Helpline: Unknown
  • Complaints: +91, 63666530173.
  • Home Delivery and Courier Service: Unknown, Not Applicable
  • Opening Time: 24 hours a day, no weekends or holidays.

The Best Health Care Centers in Chennai

  • MGM Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai
  • Lakshmi Maternity Hospital, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai
  • Apollo Hosptial, Greames Lane, Greames Road, Chennai
  • Firm Hospitals, 12th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai
  • Kauvery Hospital, Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai.

Cloudnine Hospital, also known as the Cloundnine Healthcare Hospital, was established by Dr. R. Kishore Kumar. A maternity hospital is located in Chennai as well as in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. Filled with a dedication to treating well and providing the best healthcare support to women and children with advanced treatment methods,

Cloudnine Hospital was inaugurated with the vision of providing the best healthcare support in the case of pregnancy and dealing with all types of delivery options. Cloudnine Hospital also has an online website where they give all the information about the hospitals and all the doctors’ names and professions.

The website of Cloudnine Hospital also allows anyone to book an appointment and directly contact the doctor. Cloud Nine Hospital is considered the best hospital for children and women.

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