Heatbreaking News:- All My Children Star Alec Musser died at age of 50

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Alec Musser died

Heartbreaking News:- All My Children Star Alec Musser died at the age of 50

Alec Musser’s death news is very shocking to his fans he died at the age of 50 his fiancé shared this heartbreaking news in an Instagram story, Adam Sandler who is the co-star in Grown-ups expressed his heartfelt feelings. Musser appeared in lots of movies like Rita Rocks, All My Children, Road to the Altar, and The Desperate Housewives.

_Latest news -Star Alec Musser died at the age of 50
_Latest news -Star Alec Musser died at the age of 50

Alec Musser is none other than a famous actor, he was best known for his role as Del Henry on the ABC ‘All my Children” But he is no more with us we feel very heartbroken after seeing the Instagram story of his fiancé on Saturday.

She shared lots of his photos with a very heartfelt message and expressed her grief in the post, Rip to love of my life ‘ I will never stop loving you and my heart is broken in the other slide press declared that “ today is the worst day of my life she also expressed her feeling and gratitude ‘ you were the best fiancé I could ever ask for ‘

All My Children Star Alec Musser Died at the age of 50

All My Children Star died at the age of 50
All My Children Star died at the age of 50

The reason behind the death of Musser is not yet disclosed in the announcement but after news  of passing the of Musser and Adam Sandler shared his heartfelt condolences on social media, lots of people expressed their feelings in the comments and they want to know about the reason of death, last time Adam Sandler and Alec Musser both collaborated in the movie Grown ups in 2020

Sandler shared his feelings through his comment ‘ I loved this guy very much and I cannot believe that he is not with us, he was the most wonderful and funny person I saw, I feel heartbroken and thinking of him and his family I shared all my love, he was a true great heart person.

Alec Musser tribute

Alec Musser made lots of contributions to the film and entertainment industry and his portrayal of Del Henry in the series All My Children From 2005 to 2007. He also appeared in other series like Rita Rocks and the film Road to the Altar in 2009. He also appeared in the movie Desperate Housewives in 2011.

The last time he uploaded his photo on Instagram in Tuesday when he was enjoying his surfing and captured during the Baja winter twilight, the news of passing him was very heartbreaking for his fans and also in the community of entertainment, they made lots of comments and tribute his performances, he was an amazing actor as well as amazing person, a very talented person left us, some said he was very hardworking and always try to entertain us.


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