Birthday of famous Actor Yash 10 Mind Blowing fact

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Birthday of Yash mind blowing fact

Birthday of famous Actor Yash 10 Mind Blowing fact

There are lots of sacrifices given to extraordinary and ordinary people and not everyone can become a superstar, There are lots of celebrities in the world who have earned lots of famed in the entertainment world, like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, and others but today we will talk about another Indian superstar and fan favorite person Rocking Star Yash.

If we talk about Yash‘s career then only five years before he was known as a popular actor in the Kannada Film Industry but after the film KGF Part 1 in 2018, he became a superstar and gained fame all over the country even outside India too.

Today is the special day Birthday of Yash It is a mind-blowing fact for this Kannada actor who turned 38 now and So for the occasion of his birthday today we will discuss 10 interesting and unknown facts about Yash, this mind-blowing facts that will make your day.

Birthday of famous Actor Yash
Birthday of famous Actor Yash

Interesting Fact about Yash ( Birthday of famous Actor Yash )

1 The Kannada superstar grew up in a very small village in Karnataka, In the childhood mostly time he spent in the village and his father used to drive buses to feed his family when Yash became an actor his father did not leave his job and remained the driver for a few years more and left his drivers job in 2014.

2 Yash is very talented and his real name is Naveen Kumar Gowda but when he started his acting career someone suggested he replace his real name with another screen name, so he made a decision and replaced his name with his childhood nickname Yash.

3. When Yash doing his 12th he decided to become an actor, from the childhood he was fond of becoming an actor and liked acting, So he left his studies midway at the start his parents did not support him and showed lots of anger at his decision to left studies, Yash family did not want him to become an actor but Yash did not sacrifice his dream. Yash doing his practices alone and his parents told him not to tell this to any relatives.

4. He decided to go big city and left his home, and he started to live in Bangalore, When he reached to city he had only 300 rupees in his pocket and he didn’t know about anything in the city even though no one knew him in the city.

5. Yash did lots of hard work on this life stage and became part of a theater group in Banglore, in the early days he acted as a background actor in theatre. After some time he was selected as assistant director but the shooting of the film did not commence. When the film suddenly discloses their financial condition Yash becomes worse and he does have not any place to live so he spends his one night on a bus stand.

6 Once in an Interview a hoster asked him who is your favorite star so Yash told him about his favorite stars and the names of these stars were Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan. And he revealed that while he was preparing his character in KGF he only watched Amitabh Bachchan films.

7 In the journey of his life Yash took lots of auditions for TV serials and films, Finally, he got a chance as an actor not in a film but in an ad, after that, he worked in so many TV shows and started to gain popularity day by day, he was also playing a supporting role in the film Moggina Manasu, which was released in 2008 and his career in acting become start and he never looks back again.

8 KGF gave him special popularity even though Yash did not know that this film become so popular and got a tremendous response from the Hindi-speaking audience.

9 Do you know in the film KGF a bodyguard named Garuda has been the bodyguard of Yash in real life for 12 years his name is Ram, and Yash taught him to act by himself.

10. Yash married an actress whose name is Radhika and both of them got married in 2016 after being in relationships from the TV series they worked on a total of four films and out of these movies mr and Mrs. Ramachari were most viewed. Yash and Radhika have two children named Ayra and Atharva.

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