Hannah Get emotional while, She said Club 7 will not remain the same

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Hannah said emotionally club 7 will not remain the same

Hannah said emotionally club 7 will not remain the same

While dancing on ice star Hannah Spearrit appeared in the show Loose Women on Thursday, and there she spoke about the ITV skating series and her decision to reunite with S Club 7.

lates news Hannah said emotionally club 7 will not remain the same
latest news Hannah said emotionally club 7 will not remain the same

Hannah Spearrit is none other than a famous singer and she is 42 now, Thursday she appeared on the show Loose Women while she was dancing on ice, on this place lots of other celebrities were joining the ice this January.

After some of the gossip, she said very emotionally the reunion tour to S Club 7 last year was following the death of bandmate Paul, who was found dead in the home in Dorset at the age of 46. After listing this news Hannah got disturbed.

club 7 will not remain the same Hannah said

The panelist of Loose Women said to her last year you decided to reunion with S Club 7, but you did not go, you made the decision which was right for you, Hannah replied S Club 7 will not remain the same again and this is not the right time for me to continue this chat.

Nadia who is the panelist asked her if dancing on ice is the part to get strong physically or mentally, last year Hannah opened up about her struggles with an autoimmune disease. She responded yeah it’s be right but not I was just going to do it at that time.

 Hannah shared about her problem, and Club 7 does not remain the same

Yeah I am struggling a little bit with problems and my health is not fully good yet, when I said these problems to the doctor, who put me on this new treatment, I won’t tell you about this problem in detail because it scientific, my treatment is going very well and I think I am feeling better now and my symptoms get vanished day by day.

My body is getting ready for exercise and I feel better now, dancing on ice feels like a good thing for me. Hannah said dancing can help me to remove the anxiety because you diverge your mind on dance and while dancing I am not thinking about other things

Hannah also talked about her autobiography which is releasing in October and is very tough while you plan to visit my old S club and the thing that happened last year, I try to avoid thinking but it’s very hard to refuse but when you face challenges you should not give up so I started to keep going.

Hannah dances with her dancing partner Andy Buchanan on ice and the comedian Lou Sander makes a pair with professional skater Brendyn Hatfield who is dating Hannah ex bandmate Rachael.

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