Motherhood Hospital Chennai Review, Full Details & Features [2024]

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Motherhood Hospital Chennai Review, Full Details and Features [2024]

Motherhood Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features

Motherhood Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features
Motherhood Hospital Chennai Reviews, Details, and Features

Motherhood Hospital: The leading and best hospital for normal and high-risk deliveries, also filled with a wide range of medical services related to motherhood and birth, is popularly known as the best healthcare servicer in the field of caring for pregnancies and offers highly efficient care in the field of pregnancy as well as others.

Who owned Motherhood Hospital? 

  • Establishment: By Dr. Mohammed Rihan Sayeed.
  • Director: Dr. Vijayarathna Venkatraman, serving as the medical director of Motherhood Hospital
  • Manager: Gunjan Verma Rakhra is serving as the general manager.
  • Famous Doctors: Dr. Kavya Krishna Kumar, Dr. Premalatha Balachandran, Dr. Deepa Thiagarajamurthy, Dr. Madhuri Prabu, Dr. Karpagambal Sairam, and Dr. Rukkayal Fathima are the experts in the field of pregnancy.
  • Famous Surgeon: Dr. Surbhi Siddharta. The Surgery Expert with 15+ years of experience.

Motherhood Hospital is famous for being the best Indian maternity hospital and providing healthcare support to children and mothers. It was established in 2010 to provide the best maternity services to women and newborn babies. Dr. Mohammed Rihan Sayeed established this medical hospital to provide support and care for newborn babies and their mothers.

Motherhood Hospital Chennai Reviews and Specialties 

  • Number of Beds Available: 50+ total beds are available, with a patient-centric approach. Both for women and children, beds are available.
  • Number of Doctors Available: 100+ highly qualified and experienced doctors.
  • Number of emergency vehicles available: 20+ medical emergency vehicles with advanced primary treatments.
  • Number of Treatments Already Done: The exact number is not available yet (around 44,000+).
  • Success Rate: As per a medical report, the success rate ranges from 85% to 95%. (The latest report has not been updated yet.)
  • Number of OPDs: 10 fully networked and technology-based OPDs.
Motherhood Hospital Features an Honest Review
Motherhood Hospital Features an Honest Review

Motherhood Hospital Features an Honest Review

Infrastructure: Motherhood Hospital, Chennai, was built on the vision of caring for pregnant women and also providing the best care for the mother as well as her newborn baby. The quality of the infrastructure is very good and high.

Meternity Services: Provide the best maternity care services with comprehensive care for expectant mothers, as well as other services like prenatal care, postnatal care, and childbirth.

Environment: The hospital environment is mother- and child-friendly; this hospital is purposely created for mothers and children, so it provides the best and most comfortable environment for expectant mothers.

Labor and Delivery Suites: well-designed and highly equipped rooms to provide a comfortable and supportive environment during labor and delivery.

Breastfeeding Support: They will provide breastfeeding classes and lactation consultants to assist mothers in learning how to breastfeed and how to face challenges.

Staff: Motherhood Hospital staff are also very supportive and caring, provide the best medical healthcare facilities during pregnancy, and are very dedicated to their work. Their supportive and caring staff members are always ready to serve the mother in any kind of emergency.

Medical Equipements: Motherhood Hospital is filled with advanced medical equipment and has all types of the latest technologies. All types of medical technology are available during maternity, which makes this hospital more advanced.

Parenting Classes: This is a way of giving classes on how to deal with new baby problems, extra care, the early stages of parenthood, labor, and delivery.

Communication: Motherhood Hospital’s 24×7 available helpline number provides the best customer support for patients.

Childbirth Options: There are various types of birthing preferences, including natural, cesarean, and water births.

Motherhood Hospital is best known for providing the best medical services and specializing in the fields of maternity and pregnancy.

It offers a wide range of medical facilities for women and children, which include pregnancy, advanced laparoscopic, pediatrics, radiology, dermatology, physiotherapy, laboratories, and pharmacy. If you are searching for the best maternity hospital, Motherhood Hospital is the best for you.

Motherhood Hospital in Emergency: In the case of emergencies, Motherhood Hospital is one of the best hospitals; they have more than 50+ child beds and 10+ advanced treatment beds. The number of emergency vehicles is also around 10, so you can choose Motherhood Hospital in case of an emergency if it’s located nearby.

Motherhood Hospital Achievements: One of the best hospitals gets numerous awards for its medical services and treatments in the field of specialized mother care and support. They have the best doctors and surgeons for general surgery for women, pediatrics, pharmacy, laboratory, and ultrasound.

Is Motherhood Hospital free? Motherhood Hospital is a private hospital, but according to a report, Motherhood Hospital has already provided completely free treatment and subsidized care to lots of mothers and children who are suffering from financial issues.

Motherhood Hospital Branches

  • Motherhood Hospital, located at New No. 542, TTK Road, Opp. Indian Terrain, Alwarpet, Chennai, Pincode: 600018.
  • Motherhood Hospital Delhi, Located Near Metro Station Sector 48, Uttar Pradesh, Noida, Uttar Pradesh Pincode: 201301

Motherhood Hospital location and how to reach

  1. City: Chennai.
  2. Main Road: TTK Road Opp.
  3. By Plain: Chennai International Airport, Book a Cab, On Drive
  4. By Metro: Alwarpet, Chennai
  5. By road: bus, with cab, with bike, and with car.

Motherhood Hospital Contact

  1. For Appointments: Unknown, Not Applicable.
  2. Emergency: +91, 08495800098; 24-Hour Helpline: Unknown
  3. Complaints: +91, 962203-96203.
  4. Home Delivery and Courier Service: Unknown, Not Applicable
  5. Opening Time: 24 hours a day, no weekends or holidays.

The Best Health Care Centers in Chennai

Apollo Cradle Maternity and Children Hospital, located in Shafee Mohammed Rd., Chennai.

Babu’s Maternity Hospital, Duraiswamy Reddy St., Chennai.

A4 Hospital and Maternity Centre, Radhakrishnan Salai, Chennai.

Cloudline Hospital, Thoraipakkam, Tamil Nadu.

Motherhood Hospital, also known as the Motherhood Healthcare Hospital, was established by Dr. Mohammed Rihan Sayeed. A maternity care hospital is located in Chennai, as well as in Noida, Delhi. Filled with a dedication to treating well and providing the best health care support to newborn children as well as expected mothers.

Motherhood Hospital was inaugurated with the vision of providing the best healthcare support for mothers’ and children’s health. Motherhood Hospital also has an online website where they give all the information about the hospitals and all the doctors’ names and professions.

The website of Motherhood Hospital also allows anyone to book an appointment and directly contact the doctor. Motherhood Hospital is considered the best hospital for children and women.


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