Sparsh Hospital Bangalore Review, Details, & Best Features [2024]

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Sparsh Hospital Bangalore Review, Full Details, and Best Featuers [2024] (1)

Sparsh Hospital Bangalore, renowned for orthopedic and sports medicine, offers advanced treatments, compassionate care, and state-of-the-art facilities, prioritizing patient well-being.

Sparsh Hospital Bangalore Reviews

Sparsh Hospital Bangalore Review, Full Details, and Best Featuers
Sparsh Hospital Bangalore Review

Sparsh Hospital: Sparsh Hospital is a leading institution in the field of healthcare and medical services in India. Sparsh Hospital provides special diagnoses and treatments for complex disorders, which makes it more efficient than others. This hospital also maintains a higher standard in the field of hospitality care and provides a range of medical treatments at a very affordable price.

Sparsh Hospital is on the list of high-class multispecialty hospitals in Bangalore. They have a team of highly dedicated and educated professional doctors and nurses. Surgeons are also available, who have already provided their services in terms of lakhs.

Who owned Sparsh Hospital? 

  1. Establishment: by Dr. Sharan Shivaraj Patil, owner of Sparsh Hospital.
  2. Director: Joseph Pasangha, serving as the managing director of Sparsh Hospital
  3. Manager: Vanajakshi H is serving as the human resources manager.
  4. Famous doctors: Dr. A Nagaraja Rao, Dr. Abhinandan J. Gangannavar, Dr. Adithi S. Shetty, Dr. Akshay Kumar Singh, and Dr. Satish Vasishta are the most highly qualified doctors with a lot of degrees.
  5. Famous Surgeon: Dr. Anil Kumar.  is the best surgeon.

Sparsh Hospital is famous for being the best Indian multispeciality hospital with advanced treatment services that include multiple facilities like expertise in the field of orthopedic treatments, including joint replacements, robotic knee replacements, sports injuries, orthopedic treatments, and so on.

It was established in 2011, and Dr. Sharan Shivaraj Patil started the Sparsh Hospital with the vision of providing high-quality medical care with specialized features that provide the best care to patients. Sparsh Hospital is a multispecialty hospital with great design and extra space for patients.

Sparsh Hospital Bangalore Reviews and Specialties 

  • Number of Beds Available: 400+ total beds are available, with 100+ special ICU beds.
  • Number of Doctors Available: 101+ highly qualified and experienced doctors.
  • Number of emergency vehicles available: 13+ medical emergency vehicles with primary treatment.
  • Number of Treatments Already Done: The exact number is not available yet (around 18,99,543+).
  • Success Rate: As per a medical report, the success rate ranges from 92.5% to 94.5%. (The latest report has not been updated yet.)
  • Number of OPDs: 13+ fully networked and highly modular operation theaters, combined with high-class medical equipment.
Sparsh Hospital Features an Honest Review
Sparsh Hospital Features an Honest Review

Sparsh Hospital Features an Honest Review

Multi-specialty Services: Sparsh Hospital provides a wide range of medical services with high-quality treatments, which include some medical specialties departments such as orthopedics, cardiology, pediatrics, oncology, neurology, etc.

Advanced Medical Technology: A hospital equipped with all types of high-tech medical machines and technology that ensure highly effective and world-class treatments and diagnoses are provided to patients.

Expert Medical Professionals: In the sparse hospital, all the services will be provided by highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and staff. They maintain a world-class standard in the field of diagnosis and treatment, with extra support for the patients.

Patient Amenities: Sparsh Hospital Infrastructure, which provides the best healthcare treatments to the patients as well as space for families too, is a very comfortable and suitable place for staying with patients. 

Patient-Centered Approach: Their patient-centric approach will help to build a suitable and comfortable environment for patients. They provide world-class facilities and extra care, which help patients recover quickly.

Research and Innovation: Sparsh Hospital is also involved in activities like research and innovation in the field of health care. They are always ready to serve well and in high class by performing research in their lab and finding innovative ways for treatments.

Rehabilitation Services: Provide a suitable and soothing environment to patients, which helps them get comfortable while in treatment. Their advanced treatment methods provide a standard of disease

International Accreditation: Sparsh Hospital, known for its higher standard of care and treatment, is also accredited by the renowned International Health Care Organization.

Community Outreach Programs: They are ready to participate in various kinds of community outreach programs to raise health awareness among the public.

Technology Integration: Best Medical Hospital with advanced medical technology integration, Sparsh Hospital with advanced medical equipment, and more.

Sparsh Hospital is best known for providing the best medical services and specializing in the fields of medical and healthcare support. Sparsh Hospital is dedicated to serving healthcare to patients with 100% effort.

It offers a wide range of healthcare facilities, which include orthopedics, neurology, transplant services, cardiology, oncology, and more. If you are searching for the best and highest-class medical hospital for healthcare with multi-specialty hospitals, Sparsh Hospital is the best for you.

Sparsh Hospital in Emergency: In the case of emergencies, Sparsh Hospital is one of the best hospitals; they have more than 400 beds and 100+ advanced treatment beds. The number of emergency vehicles is also around 13, so you can choose Sparsh Hospital in case of an emergency if it’s located nearby.

Sparsh Hospital Achievements: One of the best hospitals gets numerous awards for its medical service in the field of healthcare services. Sparsh Hospital has the best doctors and experienced doctors who always provide the best health care services.

Is Sparsh Hospital free? Sparsh Hospital is a private hospital, but according to a report, Sparsh Hospital has already provided some free treatment and subsidized care to lots of childless couples.

Sparsh Hospital branches

  1. Sparsh Hospital, located at Yeswanthpur Industrial Area, Phase 1, Yeswanthpur, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Pincode: 560022
  2. Sparsh Hospital, 80 Feet Rd., Shalimar Garden Extension 1, Shalimar Garden, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Pincode: 201005

Sparsh Hospital location and how to reach

  • City: Bangalore.
  • Main Road: Yeswanthpur Industrial Area.
  • By Plain: Bangalore International Airport, Book a Cab, On Drive
  • By Metro: Phase 1, Yeswanthpur, Bengaluru,
  • By road: bus, with cab, with bike, and with car.

Sparsh Hospital Contact

  • For Appointments: Unknown, Not Applicable.
  • Emergency: 08061222000; 24-Hour Helpline: 6366530173
  • Complaints: 09971038960.
  • Home Delivery and Courier Service: Unknown, Not Applicable
  • Opening Time: 24 hours a day, no weekends or holidays.

The Best Health Care Centers in Bangalore

  • Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta, Bangalore.
  • Narayana Health City, Bommasandra, Bangalore.
  • Apollo Hospital, Bsannerghatta Road, Bangalore
  • Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.
  • M.S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Mathikere.

Sparsh Hospital, also known as the Sparsh Health Care Hospital, was established by Dr. Sharan Shivaraj Patil. A highly standard hospital is located in Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh. Sparsh Hospital is dedicated to providing the best healthcare support to those who are suffering from serious disorders. They aim to provide world-class healthcare support.

Sparsh Hospital was inaugurated with the vision of providing world-class health support to patients with modern-equipped machines and technologies.

Sparsh Hospital also has an online website where they give all the information about the hospitals and all the doctors’ names and professions. The website of Sparsh Hospital also allows anyone to book an appointment and directly contact the doctor. Sparsh Hospital is considered the best hospital for children and women.


In the tapestry of healthcare institutions, Sparsh Hospital emerges as a shining thread, weaving together expertise, compassion, and innovation to create a legacy of healing and hope. With a strong commitment to excellence, Sparsh Hospital paves the way to a healthier tomorrow, one patient at a time.

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