World Education Day 24 January 2024 World Education Day 24 January 2024

World Education Day 24 January 2024

World Education Day Celebrated worldwide

World Education Day Celebrated worldwide
World Education Day Celebrated worldwide

International Education Day, also known as World Education Day, is celebrated on the 24th of each year. The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly, and its main mission is to promote and recognize the importance of education worldwide. it will show the role of education in our lives and help sustain sustainable development.

It features the importance of Education in our lives raises awareness about the need for quality education and highlights the impact of perfect education for individuals, societies, and communities. Education is a fundamental human right, and we have focused on providing you with the importance of perfect and right knowledge. it will help you achieve your goals as well as allow you to develop your life.

On this day, various events, conferences, and activities were taking place, which helped to teach you the perfect features of education and the importance of education. The whole event will focus on addressing challenges such as access to education, the global learning crisis, and the quality of education. It will provide an opportunity to celebrate achievement in the field of education and be aware of how much education is in your life. Education is not only for rich people; it will be available to every human.

Every year, UNESCO celebrates and organizes World Education Day and provides one day of online training for several thousand teachers worldwide. In this event, lots of educational things happened.

Why it was celebrated World Education Day

Why it was celebrated World Education Day 
Why it was celebrated World Education Day

On January 24, 2018, it was declared the International Day of Education, announced by the Nation General Assembly on December 3, 2018, and the first International Day was celebrated on January 24, 2019. And today was the sixth year of the celebration.

As we know, education plays a vital role in our lives, and everyone needs to know about the importance of education in their life In this day and age, international leaders and teachers participate in events and are aware of the importance of education and its impact on our development.

On International Education Day, all the advocates and teachers create an environment to break down every limit that stops us from education, and we need to invest in our future and ignore all the barriers. Education is the foundation of our dreams, and if you want to do something great in your life, then you need to break the chains and limits that is stopping you from building up. Education is the most powerful tool, and millions of children and adults around the world are still far away from access to education.

Today we need to understand the role of education in our lives, and we just need to understand why it is important, it will help to build a dream and the foundation of our sustainable development. Without education, we can’t get the proper development and can’t know our rights. An educated person will help to educate society. Education plays a critical role in our lives.

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