Brit Burrage:-6 Minute toilet break become the reason of defeat

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Brit Burrage-6 Minute toilet break

Brit Burrage:-6 Minute toilet break became the reason for the defeat

Tomara Korapatsh’s long toilet break became the reason for defeating Brit Burrage, she collapsed after the opponent took a six-minute long break, and she lost nine games from the ten which is a very upsetting performance by an Australian tennis player.

latest news Brit Burrage-6 Minute toilet break
latest news Brit Burrage-6 Minute toilet break

On her first debut match, Jodie Burrage was unable to build a good start and collapsed, her debut ended with the first round loss to German player Tamara Korapatsh, burrage earned her spot by outstanding performance in the year 2023.

She played with confidence and wanted to get the first gland slam but Korpatsh took a 6-minute-long toilet break after it, german got his flow and won 9 of his 10 games continuously. Now she become the champion.

The tactical use of toilet breaks now become a hot topic, now Players have only 3 minutes where they do not count the time of walking to and from the court. Burrage said I am not sure why it was too long, I asked the umpire and he said, yes she had already user her three minutes and was on her way back, but after that took another few minutes, maybe it was a big park so it takes a long time to get here.

A 6 minute Toilet break became the reason for Defeat

A 6 minute Toilet break became the reason for Defeat
A 6 minute Toilet break became the reason for Defeat

“You just need to focus on playing matches and you must need to know how to deal with you opponenet by changing the rhytm of it and trying to distrupt rhytm and same she did in the second and third set because every change seems like something different weather it was her rackets shoe or towel.:”

The pair met twice in the closing month in the last season, korpatsch winning both seasons, burrage knew she would use her power advantage and she already used it in the first set. She served very strongly and seized on her opponent’s weaker delivery which broke him twice.

How korpatsch defeats Britt 

When korpatsch started the second set the momentum began to shift to Germany, who looked very uncomfortable and unsettled in the first set, The British under 2 had the chance to get back in the game at the end of the second but could not take them and the decider ran away the match very quickly.

It is not a very easy job to get the confidence to hit through back when someone just stops putting and missing the ball in the court, I just need to learn how to back myself on the court because I don’t want to get going again in this situation, it was an absolutely panic situation and but we need to come back from every situation, it was a very difficult match but I was struggling but I believed I could come back and I can level up my game.


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