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Air Ambulance Services & More [Update 2024]

Air Ambulance

To assist Indians in times of medical emergencies, EaseMyTrip presents the air ambulance. We are here to provide you with a helping hand, no matter what medical problem you are dealing with or where you need to go.

Let our air medical ambulance give you a safer and more practical way to access medical care if you’re an Indian citizen dealing with a serious medical condition. The patient will get care during the flight from our aviation medical professionals.

Air Ambulance Services India 

As the name implies, this emergency service uses helicopters and airplanes to transport patients to hospitals. Air transportation generally helps people get from one point to another, but the primary goal of air ambulance services in India is to whisk individuals to safety when their lives are in danger.

One of the top providers of air ambulance services is Blue Heights Aviation. For foreign travel to places like Europe, the United States, Singapore, and the Middle East, among others, we provide air ambulance services.

  • Request a price for a global air ambulance.
  • Patients can go to Blueheights Aviation from anywhere in the world.
air ambulance
air ambulance

What are Air ambulances used for?

Air ambulances have been used since World War I when they aided with medical evacuation. However, as time passed, its use and function expanded to include giving life-saving medical care to civilians.

Patients may be transported quickly and safely from one location to another with air ambulances. Each of these air ambulances is equipped with highly skilled medical staff to guarantee the patient’s survival till they get to the hospital. Additionally, for maintain the patient’s life, air ambulance services in India are packed with monitors and other medical instruments and equipment.

What is the cost of an air ambulance? 

The price of air ambulance services is typically calculated per hour. The price per hour ranges from 95K to even lakhs.

In India, the price of air ambulance services also relies on the conditions of the flight. Generally speaking, the service is more expensive than regular ambulances. However, it is worth every penny when you consider the convenience and promptness it offers in comparison to other ambulances.

How can I book an air ambulance?

Simply give us a call to make a reservation for the best air ambulance service. Our professionals are available around the clock to assist and direct you through the procedure. As a result, you must fuss with scheduling your air ambulance during an emergency.

Why choose Blueheights Aviation Company for Air Ambulance Services?

The greatest air ambulance service is offered by Blueheights Aviation Company. Here are some of the key justifications, nevertheless, for picking us to help you through your difficult times.

  • Stretchers that are comfy and well-equipped are available on our flights to let the patient feel at ease.
  • On the flights, highly qualified attendants are there to make sure the patient is continually watched over and taken care of throughout the crucial hours.
  • In addition, our air ambulances are fully furnished with all the medical tools required to assist the patient in any way he requires.
  • To fly the aircraft, we have qualified, highly trained professionals.

Air Ambulances can be used for a variety of medical transfers

Air Ambulances
Air Ambulances India

Trauma Emergency Response

The first Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) in India is being created by our team, which includes a highly qualified Rapid Assessment Intervention and Dispatch (RAID) team.

Planned Air Transfer

To reduce reaction times, we have fixed-wing and specialized helicopters strategically positioned throughout India and internationally. A critically ill patient can be transported in the least amount of time while still receiving intensive care.

Organ Retrieval

We send the referring hospital to our surgical team for organ harvesting. This staff will also be in charge of transferring the organs quickly to the transplant center in order to reduce ischemia time.

ECMO Transfers

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator (ECMO), one of the few significant developments in critical care medicine, was later renamed Centralized Ultra Critical Care and is now used in select advanced tertiary hospitals in India.

Neonatal and pediatric Transfers

With equipment and incubators that might be readily moved between institutions, we are creating a specialized pediatric and neonatal transfer team.

High-Risk Obstetric Transfers

In the shortest amount of time, we can mobilize our high-risk obstetrics team. An obstetrician and an obstetrics anesthetist make up this combination.

Disaster Management

We make every effort to treat and stabilize critically sick patients before moving many of them via helicopters to super specialty hospitals. Services like ours that supply air ambulances serve as a vital conduit between the medical community and disaster relief efforts.

For individuals facing medical crises during catastrophes, we offer pre-hospital trauma management and care, as well as medical air transfer to tertiary healthcare centers.

To assist Indians in times of medical emergency, EaseMyTrip presents the air ambulance.

People also ask:-

  1. How much air ambulances cost in India?
    The patient’s medical condition, and other factors. Generally, air ambulance service in India costs anywhere from Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakh.
  2. How much does 1 ambulance cost in India?
    which starts at Rs. 8.40 lakh and goes up to Rs. 25.10 lakh.
  3. What are the benefits of an air ambulance?
    In addition to providing a faster and higher level of care, air ambulances offer improved safety.
  4. What is the disadvantage of an air ambulance?
    The common disadvantage is an increased cost, which depends on many factors such as staffing, type of aircraft, and distance of transport.


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