Idris Elba calls for immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives Idris Elba calls for immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives

Idris Elba calls for immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives 2024

Idris Elba calls for immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives arrested 

Idris Elwa has called for urgent action to be taken on youth knife violence including a ban on all knives or zombie knives including more funding for youth services and also said that no pretext or delay time is up.

Speaking to the Guardian on Monday, Luther and The Wire star say society is capable of coming together to solve problems, adding that youth services and experts from bereaved families need to be supported by the police and Need to be able to sit in the same room with politicians and police.

“When the whole world is watching us, they may be thinking that we should be tolerant of knife crime, and we don’t do that at all, and we shouldn’t do that,” Elba said.

latest news Idris Elba calls for immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives
latest news Idris Elba calls for immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives

Elva further said that he would like to set up an advisory group consisting of bereaved relatives, community leaders, and youth workers, as well as aspiring young thinkers to join, further adding that this activity would provide insight into how his contemporaries might thinking and also invite police to think about their interactions with different communities.

Idris Elba calls for an immediate ban on machetes and ‘zombie’ knives and also shares his thoughts

This will not happen overnight but a 10-year-old child will start thinking about it and 17, 18, and 19-year-old children will start from today itself. We should go to them and explain to them what is wrong and what is right and tell them It should be everyone’s responsibility to lead towards development.

Today, I am not telling you all this in the capacity of an actor, I am a common citizen of society as a common parent and a taxpayer, as a person who has sympathy for those young children who are suffering unnecessarily. are dying,

There is a need to make our vision multi-dimensional and a complete ban on all zombie knives or other similar weapons is the first task and the most important thing is that the government knows that such swords, zombie knives, or knives will destroy the society. It has no place inside and should be banned immediately and young people are losing tolerance for what is happening to them.

In the year 2016, a massive ban was imposed on the sale of zombie knives and even arrangements were made to send anyone selling zombie knives to jail the minister also checked all the legal loopholes before banning these weapons. Are thinking about removing it.

But progress in passing the new law has been very slow and despite many promises, there have been high-profile incidents, including the murder of schoolboy Elian Adam, who was stabbed to death on her way to school in Croydon, south London. It was said that the age of this girl was 15 years and it is said that the size of the knife was very big and the accused of this murder was a 17-year-old boy.

Today we are a society where we put our minds together and so many things can be accomplished very quickly we can do all this and we have done it. Elba further said that the law comes very fast. Come and pass.

We need to take action against this in many cases and give youth more reasons not to carry weapons. Invest in activities or services that can prevent violent crime. And having laws to stop all this is not enough.

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