British Army chief issues call for Conscription with Russia British Army chief issues call for Conscription with Russia

Breaking News:- British Army chief issues call for Conscription with Russia 2024

British Army chief issues call 

LONDON Britain’s flesh-and-blood citizens should be prepared to fight in an imaginary land war, Gen. Patrick Sanders said Wednesday, warning that the country’s ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine shows it is becoming a “citizen army.” “Are.” Who creates mutual conflicts and is the major general of the British Army.

He also said that the British Army is too small to respond to the emerging threats in a changing world.

“Taking early steps now to put our societies on a war footing if we need to is not only desirable but extremely urgent,” Sanders said in a speech.

“Our friends in Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, who feel the proximity of the Russian threat more acutely, are already acting prudently, laying the foundation for national mobilization.”

He also reminded us that the British Army is estimated to have about 75,000 fully trained professional soldiers, while the British Navy and Air Force have another 60,000 service members.

Britain spends about 2% of its GDP on its brave armies. The British government said in its report that the expenditure will be increased to 2.5%. Sanders said the army will have about 120,000+ soldiers by 2027. We must grow to a standing army, and even though this is “not enough,” we must continue to work harder.

Sanders also said, “Ukraine demonstrates its brutality in that regular armies start wars; civilian armies support them and win them.”

“I think we need to go further and look carefully at conscription,” he said.

British Army chief issues call
British Army chief issues call


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