Who is Sita Mata Details about Mata Sita, Ram Mandir [2024] Who is Sita Mata Details about Mata Sita, Ram Mandir [2024]

Who is Sita Mata? Details about Mata Sita, Ram Mandir [2024]

Who is Sita Mata? Birth and Incarnation

Who is Sita Mata Birth and Incarnation
Who is Sita Mata Birth and Incarnation

Today we will tell you complete details about Mata Sita, All the details taken from Old hindu Vedas and Puran, Including Ramayan the epic, In Ramayana what is the role of Sita, and why is she worshiped as the goddess of purity?

Who is Sita Mata? in Hindu Mythology

From Hindu Mythology, Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty and the wife of one of the three Supreme gods Vishnu, From the Sanskrit Ramayan epic, mata sita was the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, She was portrayed as a very loyal, faithful and virtuous wife of Lord Ram, Lord Ram was the incarnation of God Vishnu, In India Mata sita is worshiped as ideal model of Women and Wifehood.

Birth story of Mata Sita 

Who is Sita Mata Birth and Incarnation (1)
Who is Sita Mata Birth and Incarnation (1)

If we look the name ‘sita’ was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Furrow”, Because Mata Sita was born from a Furrow in the earth, Raja Janaka discovered her while he was yielding in a crop field, King Janaka was the king of Mithila, Mithila was suffering from draught so a sage suggested Janaka to do a yagya and yield the crop to remove the disaster, In hindu epic, Sita is the daughter of Earth, and also considered as the goddess of agriculture and crop fertility.

Wife of 

Mata Sita is the wife of Lord Rama, who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, And the King of Ayodhya, When Ram and Lakshman back to Ayodhya they reach Mithila where a Swambara happens for the marriage of devi sita, The rules of Swambara was one who lifts the bow and tightens the thread will marry to Sita, Lord Rama win the Swambara and happily married to Sita.

Agni Pariksha 

When lord Rama killed the demon king Ravana, he Rescued the mata Sita, but Ravana was the lecherous demon so believing Sita was unfaithful and she needed to prove her purity, Agni Pariksha was the only way to prove her purity, in this ritual, you need to walk in from Fire, Sita Mata ready to do this and started walking through the flames, Agni dev carries site without giving them any harm and declared her purity after they returned to Ayodhya Rama become the new king Ayodhya.


From the above details we get to know Sita was the Goddess of purity and faith, She was born from the earth, so for this reason she was also known as the daughter of Earth, She was found in Ferrow and Spent her birth life in the Kingdom of Mithila, Her father name is Janaka who adopted her. She is also known as the incarnation of  Goddess Laksmi who is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and beauty. Sita was married to Lord Rama who was the incarnation of One of the supreme gods Vishnu. Mata Sita is the ideal for every woman and wife, she was also known for her faith in Her husband. She was courageous and still gives us so much hope and power.


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